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Engaging the Right Web Partner

Companies across every industry are seeing the value and impact of great design and user experience.

From leading global brands, to funded startups, businesses are investing in their web presence in order to provide a visually-engaging and intuitive experience for site visitors and potential customers. Engaging with the right web partner ensures that your corporate website is tailored to meet and exceed your unique business goals.


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Clearly Defined Deliverables

A professional digital agency will be transparent throughout the design process and clearly define the project deliverables to ensure that you are in alignment with your client. It is not uncommon for negligent firms to take advantage of client spend or upsell features and functionality that should have been implemented from the start. Be sure to ask questions during the selection process in order to establish credibility and trust. By outlining the full scope and listing the project deliverables, you ensure that the expectations of your clients are properly addressed from end-to-end.

Industry Standard Security

Beyond design and user experience, security is a top priority when building a new corporate website. In addition to putting your customers’ private information at risk, an unsecure site is likely to receive a search ranking penalty. Google has taken initiative to penalize websites that fail to provide a secure browsing experience, resulting in lower search results for your corporate website.

To ensure that your website aligns with industry standard security and best practices, be sure to find a web partner that operates using reliable hosting services and allows proper HTTPS certification. A professional, established web company will understand the steps necessary to encrypt using an SSL certificate, indicating a secure website by displaying a green padlock in the browser address bar.

A Polished Portfolio

A leading digital design agency values more than just the aesthetics of your website. They take into account your target audiences and identify each persona’s optimized path to conversion. When evaluating portfolios, take a look at in-depth case studies that may provide more insight on the agency’s methodology.

Identify any design strengths or visual elements that you like, and be on the lookout for projects that look templated or dated. Look for original, high-fidelity work with custom layouts, visual treatment, and animations. A polished portfolio is consistent yet diverse, surfacing the agency’s ability to execute elevated designs across virtually any industry.

Proper CMS Instruction

The right agency partner will teach clients the fundamentals of the content management system, or CMS, and arm them with the knowledge and tools necessary to independently manage the site. Even websites with a more robust and customized visual style can be easily managed with the help of an experienced digital agency. A professional web partner will understand how to build a CMS that is user-friendly and intuitive, even for non-tech savvy clients.

Great Customer Service

A great agency partner does not stop after the launch of your website; a great digital agency offers support post-launch to ensure that your website is free of bugs and at optimum performance. When working with a team of in-house designers and developers, it is easier to address issues more efficiently and effectively. With each digital project, your project manager will be the main point of contact, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks from kickoff, to launch, to evolution.

Engaging the right web agency can be a highly involved process. Before evaluating potential partners, be sure to have a foundational understanding of your needs and goals for the project. A professional agency will help you define the necessary deliverables to drive your brand forward in the digital space. While high-quality design execution is key, make sure that your partner has an understanding of best practices in website security. The ideal web partner brings together high-end creative execution and reliable customer service to ensure an effective buildout from start to finish.

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